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Postcards Home

Postcards Home
Photography Exhibit by Diana Smykova

22 February – 29 March 2023

1 Kekelidze Street
Entrance on Paliashvili Street
Tbilisi, Georgia

Dissolution is proud to present Postcards Home, the latest photo project by Diana Smykova. This series explores what constitutes home through dialogue and visuals, sharing the stories of individuals from different countries and backgrounds and how their sense of home is formed through their experiences of migration and identity in the modern world.

Through her lens, Smykova poses the questions of what home is, how the concept evolves throughout life, and how it is influenced by external circumstances. The photographs on display at Dissolution will be accompanied by the subjects’ reflections, providing a deeper understanding of their personal stories and experiences. This exhibit is a unique opportunity to delve into the meaning of home and what it means to individuals around the world.

About the artist

Diana Smykova is a visual artist who works at the intersection of documentary and fine art photography, often incorporating video and text into her projects. Born in the Far Russian North, she has explored the indigenous people of the region and her own identity through her work. A resident of Turkey and a nomad, Smykova's work focuses on the theme of home and the perception of it by people from different countries.

Smykova has been exhibited in Russia, Europe, the United States and in Georgia. She has published her works in multiple outlets and was a member of the Russian Union of Photographers in 2021. She also shares her documentary work on Instagram (@ufoops).

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