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Irakli Tchrelashvili

​Irakli Tchrelashvilii (Ika Trey) was born in 1997 in the Republic of Georgia.

Even though his family had a close relationship with artmaking, the consideration of art as a career for him wasn’t even an option in a post-Soviet, crippled country.


Immigration to the United States became a pivotal point in his life where Ika decided to devote his life to art. He finished his BFA program at Rutgers University specializing in sculpture and photography. Through his time at Rutgers he has created and taken part in multiple gallery performances as well as engaged in teaching activities such as being a TA for sculpture 1-B class at Rutgers University.


He has recieved a gallery award from Mason Gross School of the Arts in the show “Above and Beyond” (2019) and participated in a group exhibition “LOVE 2020” at Columbia University alongside Jon Kessler, Edward Mapplethorpe, and others.

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