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Sofia Tsintsadze, Levan Samnashvili, Levan Kurshavishvili, Lasha Kilasonia, Mariam Zatiashvili, Mariam Tabatadze



David Finestein

02 – 29 July 2023

1 Kekelidze Street
Entrance on Paliashvili Street
Tbilisi, Georgia

Immerse came about as an idea for an open call of emerging Georgian artists with various levels of exhibition histories. Applicants were prompted to submit pieces tackling the subject of “immersion,” the interpretation of which was left open.


As a result of the open interpretation, these pieces, although differing greatly, explore altered states of consciousness and the relationship between humans, their environment and water. It was important, given the physical limitations of the space, to create a dialogue between these pieces that emphasizes the subjects’ interconnectedness.


This is the gallery’s final exhibition in this space, which has been experimental since the very beginning.

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